Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Week 24: A Week of Service

Well, I already told you about transfers [he messaged yesterday that he is staying in Brugge with Elder Furniss]. Yes, callings always help to grow. Especially when we think we are not able to do it and then we try and it always works out! God qualifies who he calls! Also good to hear you had the elders over! Was it hard to get them or do they not have many dinner appointments? I bet they were glad you sent them home with food! One of the members here gives us 3 grocery bags of food every week, she is so nice! and she usually has us over and she cooks for us.

Not until December!!! [is there another national holiday].  I don’t believe that they have a holiday here every week for something random, haha. Yes, Ieper is Ypres, haha. It was really cool [he went there on a PDay excursion].

You'll see photos of my slipper that I sewed. I think I did a decent job, I mean it's still holding up! Also, I agree with Tyler when he says that Muslim people are the nicest ever.  It is so true, we met one and he invited us in and sat us down and made us tea. I asked for mint and he went and picked fresh mint leaves from his garden, it was the most delicious tea I ever have had! He also gave us chocolate and peanuts to eat while we talked, so nice!  I have a strange desire to learn Arabic now! Anyway, when we left he told us that if we ever need anything to call him first and he meant it too. He's awesome.

1.  What is the transfer news?  What is changing in your zone or district?  Do you know what is happening with Matt?
2.  Are your district meetings and zone meetings conducted in English or Dutch?
3.  You went to Brussels this week?
4.  How is the cooking going?
5.  How did the work go this week?
6.  Is your bike holding up?
7.  Did you get your parcel and the Amazon order from Germany I sent?
8.  Any funny stories this week?

1. I'm staying with my greenie, Elder Tanner is sadly leaving... I don't know about Matt.

2. They are in English but there are parts that are in Dutch.

3. Ya, Brussels was fun as usual, we went there to figure out Elder Furniss' legal papers because he is a greenie. Afterward, we got this really good food called mitraillettes, and they were great.  Then we picked up a waffle because there is this great place, then we headed back home to Brugge. Good trip. EF got to see his MTC group which is fun.

4. Good! I have made burritos and chili and friets and nasi and spaghetti and a few other small stuff.

5. Slow because there wasn't a whole lot of time to do things because it was a week of service for us! We did about 16 total [hours?]. 13 one day when we helped this member move her house. She has 5 cats and 1 dog, which is blind, and by the time we were done she had 3 cats and a blind dog. 2 of the cats ran away and we tried to find them but they were goooone! Sad, she was really distraught... We did a lot of work that day and carried a lot of heavy stuff because she had so many cabinet things. Also, the stairs in Europe are crazy and most of the time to get furniture to the second floor you have to go through the windows but we managed with the stairs. Funny because stairs in Dutch is trap and here they really are a trap! Then, a day after that we helped a YSA in his dad's backyard with weeds and things. It was a really hot day and I got burnt a little, but it was fun!

6. Well! Not like EF whose bike is falling apart every week. You'll see a funny pic I took of him with his bike and the seat fell off while he was riding and he was going no handed! I was in front and I heard this sound like his whole bike fell into pieces and were bouncing on the ground, I looked back and saw him on his feet catching himself and his bike tumbling behind him. It was really funny actually, haha.

7. Not yet, next zone conf which I am not sure when that is. Did you send the one from online to the apartment? [No, to the mission office]

8. Ya, the bike thing was really funny, also had some good laughs moving with Bro Plovier and another Bro Sys.

I think that's all, bye!


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