Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Week 26: Another visit to Ieper and 1/4 done!

[On being out a quarter of his mission] Wow, I guess I was waiting until the end of this month to call it 6 months because at the end of the month I’ll have been out 6 months in the land. That's 4 transfers. Feels good, finally got some time under my belt!

[About the attempted bombing at the Brussels Central Station] Ya, I heard about it, there was also something in Antwerpen. It's all normal. We got a text saying get home as soon as possible and don't use public transport. But they were just being overly cautious, it wasn’t too serious.

Something cool that happened was we were on our way to look up some less active members and there was one that lived pretty far away with the bikes. So, I wasn’t looking forward to that because he might not be home but as we were biking he came up behind us on the bikes and we talked for a bit and set up an appointment for the next day, so that was really cool.  We went the next morning and we asked if there was a time he would come to church and he was like how's tomorrow? So I said, ya sure! He has no car, so I called some members and got him a ride there and back. At church a lot of the members talked to him, he was smiling and it went really well! So that was awesome, oh, and I sat beside him too. He's a really cool guy.

There’s a lot of pictures about Ieper and I would explain all of them but it would take awhile, so if you don’t understand them just ask me. I'll put all the Ieper ones in a folder for Ieper.

1.  How is the training going? Are you being a good trainer and collega?  
2.  How are your bikes holding up, did Elder Furniss get a new bike?
3.  Did you travel anywhere this week?
4.  How is the language and gospel studying going?
5.  Does it feel like you have been out a long time? Is the time going by fast? Are you making good memories?
6.  How was your week divided up?  Do you mostly spend your time on finding?  teaching?  service?
7.  Do you feel like your receive inspiration on how to spend your time?

1.  Good, yes, yes I do all the cooking...

2.  Mine got really wrecked this week… it’s all fixed now but I broke a spoke and it got stuck in between two links of my chain and then the chain wrapped around that so it stopped my bike completely and I had to pull it out but right as I was doing that Bro Pace rolls by and tells us to come over. He lives not far so I pulled the spoke out and we went over and he fixed it all up for me! My hands were completely black, EF has a good photo I'll get from him. It took 15 mins to wash my hands clean!  and yes, he has a new bike which is working well for him.

3.  Gent, Ieper, Oostende, Gent a lot. Ugh Kortrijk and tonight I go on exchanges with the ZL's [zone leaders] in Antwerpen and then I stay for another night because we have zone conference there the next day. So I'll be away from home for a bit.

4.  Good and good. We havent had much time at all this week to fit in our studies though...

5.  Not really, I still feel like a greenie, but what's cool is I have been in the district now longer than anyone else. So that means everybody who is in it now was not there when I first came in, so that makes me feel old but I like it. Ya, it's going by fast and yes, lots of them.

6. A lot of less active look ups lately, that's the push we get from the ward. Not much door knocking for a while now! We also spend decent amount of time teaching investigators.

7. Ya, sometimes, more so during lessons, knowing what they need to hear and things like that.

Word is adembenemende which means breathtaking!

Elder Fernhout
A messy bike repair
Iepers Canadian Monument
Famous Hill '62
Menin Gate Memorial
A Great Great Uncle of Elder Fernhout
A Dutch relative?
The District
Elder Vanderwerff in the gap

The Canadians, Elder Fernhout and Elder White
Recruitment poster

Propaganda, "pretty good stuff"
Medieval Gate
COD has a game map just like this
Travelling to Ieper 
Tree that was shot up in the war

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