Monday, 15 January 2018

Week 55: Zoetermeer to Alkmaar

I will begin at last pday. We had a lesson in the middle of pday because Elder Ballard and I are consecrated like that. It fell through though so that was rough. I didn’t get to say goodbye to the investigator, but oh well. That night we had correlation at Dave's house as usual [Dave is the ward mission leader]. We ended with a game which was fun. Oh I almost forgot, Dave took us out bowling too! It was great. I won the first game, he won the next, then tied for first the third. It was fun, they had some pop songs playing which was really weird to listen to. Tuesday we had our last district meeting. After we took a bunch of pics then went out to lunch, then took more pics. Later on Tuesday Elder Ballard got ill, same as what I had, so we stayed home and took it easy.

Though we did have an appointment with A and F, my favourite investigators in Zoetermeer.  It went super well and at the end of the appointment, I asked A to pray though he declined.  So I said the prayer then after he says, can I say something? Then he quickly says some things in Turkish.  Afterwards he told us that he just prayed if this is the right church and if he should be baptized.  It was so humble and perfect! That’s what I love about missionary work, we don’t convert people, we don’t have to convince people we are right or that the BoM is true.  We just have them pray to ask God if it is true.  So yes, I was so happy for A to take that step.  It was sad to say goodbye to him and F.  But I know Ballard is a solid missionary and I have no doubt he will do a great job with them.

I came home and packed up all my things. I thought with Christmas I was going to have a really hard time fitting it all into my 2 bags, but in the end I had more space than when I came to Zoetermeer. I don’t know how, I must have packed really well I guess… so that was nice. What's nicer is that Dave offered to drive up my bags to Alkmaar from Zoetermeer. So on Wednesday morning he came and picked them up and I took my bike on the train and met Elder Crow in Amsterdam. We then traveled to Alkmaar where I met Dave at the apartment. It was the best transfer day ever cause it was so easy. I didn’t have to carry anything really, just super chill and I usually hate transfer day. So I am so appreciative for Dave. Not only that but he then took us out to Burger King for lunch after. Elder Crow is like who is this guy!? I didn't even unpack but we went straight into things. We had an appointment and that night and we knocked doors right until 9:00 pm. I was still feeling really sick all these days. Alkmaar is a lot rainier, darker, and colder than Zoetermeer! I haven't seen sun for 4 days.

On Thursday we had a busy day. After studies we hit up our scour area for a few hours and found a new investigator, a cool young Dutch dude. We also had a dinner appointment with this lady who is from Brazil. She is an active member but her husband is a nonmember, as well as her 2 kids. We took a bus close to their house then he picked us up with a car to take us to their home. I loved it so much! First of all, when I heard she was from Brazil, I was like, well great, I just lived with a Brazilian for 3 months, so I spoke Portuguese with her and she thought it was great. The family owns and runs a tulip farm, how Dutch is that! We talked about that a lot too. They fed us fish. I was worried about it but it turned out to be delicious. Afterwards, they gave us a bouquet of tulips to take home, I took pics. I felt like Sister M appreciated us being in her home so much. It was great being there. Apparently the missionaries haven't visited much, but they must have liked us because they made a return dinner for this next week. They heard I haven’t had herring yet and want me to do it, so ya, that's gonna happen this next week. Yay.

Friday we had a DLC [District Leader Conference] meeting in the Amsterdam church.  It was just with the other 2 DL [district leaders] in the zone and with the sister training leaders, as well as the ZLs [zone leaders]. We talked about the zone and how to help them out and get some fun things in this transfer. Oh, also one of the coolest things to happen this week was when we were on the bus to go to the M family. We got a call and it was for me from the Provo MTC. I was super confused but I took the phone from Elder Crow and all I hear is, “Elder Fernhout, this is your Father,” haha, it was Elder Richards. He works at the referral centre in the MTC and he had to call us to talk about some referrals. Apparently, our mission gets the most referrals in the entire world and Alkmaar gets a lot! So we had a bit of a cool convo then talked about the referrals. It was honestly just so nice to talk with him for a bit. It has been a long while since I heard his voice, haha.

Saturday we had a good appointment with this older couple in the ward. I told them I’m from Alberta and they were like, oh we know people living in Lethbridge, I told them I'm from Lethbridge! They know a family Joosten I think it was, and a familie Schwur or so.

Sunday was cool, I got to meet the ward. Well, it is actually a branch. The mission loves putting me in the little branches, haha. Anyway, it was cool to meet them. The branch here is full, I mean full, of old people. It’s like having a ward full of gmas and gpas. It’s great, actually they are so kind. We got a lot of dinner apps.

Then last night we went by one of our investigators houses and he had 2 friends over. We talked about some random things. They said they play ping pong a lot and I was like no way, I love ping pong. So we set up a real app for Wednesday to talk about the BOM then a ping pong app for today. I am so excited. We clicked really well which I was happy about. So today is gonna be a great day!  A lot of other things happened too! Elder Crow is a very hard working guy.  He is just chill and fun to be around and loves the outdoors. It’ll be a good transfer.

1. How are you feeling?
2. How did your transfer to Alkmaar go?
3.  What are your first impressions of Alkmaar?  What is your new area like?
4.  What is the branch like?
5.  Is the accent different?
6.  How will you get around, public transport or bike?
7.  Do you have much in common with Elder Crow?
8.  Will you have many dinner appointments or will you have to prepare meals?

1. Good
2. Really good
3. Cold, old people, reminds me a bit of Brugge, pretty, feels like a home though.
4. Older, kind, strong
5. Not really, they speak very normal Dutch, although some older people can be hard to understand
6. BIKING!!! lots of it
7. He is chill, really good at guitar so I will be able to learn lots form him.  He actually writes his own songs, super cool.
8. We only have one day without a dinner app. We even have 2 in one day on Friday. Also, Elder Crow is a great cook! It's gonna be great. We have a Mexican meal planned for then.

That is all, love, Elder Fernhout
Zoetermeer District
Alberta vacation advertisement
Elders Fernhout and DeSeil
Elders Waters, Fernhout, and DeSeil 
With Zoetermeer Zusters
Elder Crow
Some cheerful tulips 

Monday, 8 January 2018

Week 54: Overplaatsingen! Transferring to North Holland

Well this week was right packed full of things. Tuesday we had district pday in Den Haag. We went there to email then after went to the centrum to do a scavenger hunt. It was fun, there were 2 teams, ours won. We all met up back at the church and hung out and played some sports in the gym. We have so many good missionaries in our district and I like a lot of them. That night we came back and had dinner and got back into real missionary work. Wednesday Elder Ballard and I were picked up by Elder Van Der Put to help out again. So from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm we were running around the Netherlands moving stuff. We went first to the old sister apartment in Leiden and took out a couch and some other items. Then we drove to Rotterdam and Elder Ballard and I had to bring the couch up 4 floors to the top. It was not easy. Then we had to haul a bunch of things down. The apartment in Rotterdam Zuid is not that nice… glad I am not there, haha.

Then we went to Amsterdam to drop off a new washer there. I got to see Elder Furniss, it was nice to catch up a bit. There we had to carry the washer up only one floor. The apartment there is nice, I wouldn't mind being in the Amsterdam 4 man. Then we went to Delft to go to the Ikea there and pick up some cabinets and chairs and things. We took them to the Leiden apartment, then travelled back to Zoetermeer to drop off all the garbage we acquired at the dump here. Afterwards, we went to McDonalds and then home. What's cool is that I got to take a car from the office. That night we used it for the 3 appointments we had. So nice. We were allowed to take the car cause the next day, Thursday, we had to drive to Den Helder, a city way up north. We left at 7:30 am and got there a bit after 9:00 am. It was a fun drive just Elder Ballard and I. I miss driving so much, especially road trips! Thursday we moved a bunch of things out of an apartment in Den Helder and brought a lot of it to the apartment in Leiden and also built all the Ikea stuff we had brought there. Sorry if this is confusing, but ya we did a lot in those 2 days. Thursday we got home at like 6:00 pm. Solid day. We were so tired after 2 days of hard work. It was really fun to work alongside Elder Van Der Put and his wife though, they are great people.

On Friday I went on an exchange with the DL [district leader], Elder de Seil, he is from Suriname. He is a convert from age 19 and is the youngest of 13 siblings in his family total. He’s a cool dude. We had a busy day. First we went to the farm and did that for the first half the day. Afterwards we had lunch and planning.  Then that night we had a dinner appointment with a really cool member in the ward. He made some great dutch food for us.  We then had an appointment with this Polish lady scheduled but it fell though, she wasn’t home. Never is home, dangit.

That night though I didn't feel too good and we took it easy. I woke up at 12:00 am very sick. It was so awful. I went back to sleep but had to keep getting up throughout the night. I had such an upset stomach. That morning I was in so much pain and had to just cope with it. I stayed home the entire day. I was able to fall asleep for a bit which was nice. In 3 days I lost 5 kilograms…. Elder Occon gave me a blessing and that night I ended up feeling a lot better so that was nice. I was able to sleep too despite having slept during the day. I woke up Sunday morning with still some pain but was able to go to church. Still today I have a bad stomach. I still have no appetite and haven’t eaten really anything for over 2 days…oh well, I am on the up. [He suspects he came into contact with Ecoli at the farm and then afterwards ate oliebollen on the way home]

Saturday we got calls. I really wanted to stay in Zoetermeer, but it turns out I am leaving. I am going to the city of Alkmaar. It encompasses Den Helder. It is probably the biggest area in the mission. It is really remote but I am looking forward to it. It’s Elder Ballard’s baby [training] area, haha. What’s funny is that Occon is going to my baby area, Brugge, and is excited for that.  Elder Ballard is staying here and will be training.  He is also taking over “Ikea” duties.  Elder Balthar is going to Rotterdam Zuid. Oh, also I will be a district leader with Elder Crow, my new companion. Elder Crow is from Arizona and was in the same arrival group as Elders Ballard and Occon. On Sunday I was so sad to have to say goodbye to all the members. I really felt like I needed at least one more transfer here, but oh well. I took a bunch of pics with members that I will try to upload if I have time.

We are always setting goals but because we had to stay inside for New Years we used the time to set 1 year goals and 5 year goals. So yes, I have even more goals now.

Questions of the week:
1.  What is happening with transfers?!
2.  Did you work at the farm this week?
3.  Tell me how it went with your “Ikea” assignments.  What was it like driving?  You haven’t driven for over a year!
4.  What were your impressions of the other cities you travelled to?
5.  Are the Dutch good drivers?  Are they patient?
6.  How has the weather been?  Is it getting colder or warmer?  I’m looking forward to longer days.
7.  When did you find out that President Monson passed away?
8.  How is it going with the members of the ward?  How was church on Sunday?

1. I’m going to Alkmaar as a DL with Elder Crow.
2. Yup, I think that is why I got sick.
3. Crazy, I love driving, I miss it, it didn't feel weird though. It was nice and normal.
4. Amsterdam was really nice and so was Alkmaar when I drove through on the way to Den Helder. In Den Helder I saw the beach which I took a photo of. It is a really quiet city. Den Haag is really futuristic and advanced, opposite of Brugge.
5. For the most part ya, they also don't signal here though. They are more aggressive here which you have to be but that just means they don’t mind when you have to be, so ya I guess they are more patient. Crazy driving here though with bikes and scooters and other cars and people.
6. Getting warmer but today and yesterday were freezing. It is getting lighter out lately!
7. Right when everyone else knew. They sent a mission wide text out. I want to know who the new apostles will be, I hope one is Gary B. Sabin, he is such a good guy.  Oh we found out who the new mission prez here will be. He’s from Sint Niklaas in Belgium. He’s the dad of the guy who took Elder Furniss and I golfing. It is gonna be weird to have a native president.
8. Good, it was sad to leave, when you leave everyone tells you how much they miss you and it sucks. I really liked the members here. ugh.

Funny language things that have happened recently.

what I meant to say: wat doe je voor kerst? (what do you do for Christmas)

what they thought I said: wat doe je verkeerd? (what do you wrong (as in general))

that was rough. also this happened the other day.

what I meant to say: ik wil dokter worden (I want to become a doctor)

what they heard: ik wil dochter worden (I want to become a daughter)

that was awkward ahah... anyway that is all for this week.

hou doe elder fernhout

Driving to Den Helder

Saying goodbyes to the great ward members
The Van Der Puts

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Weeks 52 and 53: Christmas, Tweede Kerst, and New Years

Wowowowo I am halfway! It feels really short but at the same time when I think of all that I have done it feels like a long time. No, I didn’t do anything special, just celebrated the new year which was freakin crazy! Ya, the Wassenar Ward members are great at sending photos to you. They know what it is like and a lot of them have missionaries of their own out in the field. So ya, about New Years. We had to be in at 4:30 pm cause it gets really crazy here. People will shoot you with fireworks and will put them in your hood and run away or blow up trashcans with them. All kinds of things. The night of New Years is like the movie The Purge honestly, you're kinda allowed to do whatever. At about 8:00 pm we were chilling in the house setting goals, planning, and playing board games (a game called Ticket to Ride) and all you hear for hours on end is fireworks, nonstop, fun stuff.  They have been going for like 5 days. So we decided to go to the 13th floor of our building and look out. You could see fireworks all over but then at 12:00 we went out and it was probably the coolest thing I have ever seen. It was amazing. We could see Den Haag and in 360 degrees there were fireworks as far as you could see. I have lots of vids and pics of it. But I am convinced that the Netherlands is the best place to be on New Years!

Oh wow sounds really cold. I wish I was there to help scoop up the snow, but here I was doing my own shovelling. We went to the farm and we hadn’t been for 2 weeks so there was a lot of poop to scoop. I thought I was done and then he showed us this other area. I had never seen so much poop, I can’t even describe it, and I had to scoop it all up, it was extremely heavy.  My snow shovelling skills came in handy. I scooped it into wheelbarrows which were then hauled out by the other elders. It was kinda fun and really satisfying.

I miss not being in Hawaii right now… ugh. Oh well. I’m more jealous that all the family is together and I am missing than the fact that they are in Hawaii.

Exciting things about the week are we had a great appointment with a less active member, he said he will come to church and that he really appreciated us coming by. We have had a few good appointments with families A and F. They are progressing and came to a ward Christmas dinner party we had. They loved it! It was really fun for the missionaries as well. The husband really wants books to read but the problem is that he reads only in Turkish, so we downloaded the Gospel Library App for him and now he has access to more books and other materials, he likes it. They haven’t come to church yet on Sunday but they want to, the desire is there.

1.  What did you do for Christmas?
2.  What did you do for New Year’s?  Did you see/hear any fireworks?
3.  Did you have many dinner appointments this week?
4.  How is the work?  I imagine it is difficult to see people this time of year.
5.  Did you do anything for your 1 year celebration?
6.  Did you give Elder Ballard his stocking I sent?  Did he like it?
7.  How full is the drive getting?  Do I need to download pictures?
8.  I saw on the forecast for Zoetermeer rain and showers everyday for the week. Are you managing to keep dry?  I hear the Dutch have a lot of different words for rain.

1. We had a lunch appointment with a family in the Wassenar Ward, super cool family. We played some games with their kids and talked. The husband was sick so we gave him a blessing afterwards. Not much else besides looking up a few less actives.
2. ooooh yes, they went non stop for about 5 days. The other elders could not sleep, haha.
3. Yup, mainly with members from the Wassenar Ward which was sick. This one Filipino fam fed us, we had a good time and I learned a few words in Tagalog.
4. Ya it is really hard, everybody just says next year, next year. So we have a lot of appointments this week and next but it has been kinda rough. We went on exchanges with the ZLs [Zone Leaders]. I was with Elder Enger. I have worked with him before back when I was in Emmen. He is really great, we had a fun time. Also found a new investigator so that is always nice. Then Ballard and I found this Polish couple a few days after so we have 3 new investigators this week, so pretty good!
5. Not really
6. Ya he did and yes he did. We used the snow powder on New Years, it was fun.
7. Ya, maybe a good time to take some things off. I have lots to upload, don’t know when I can do it but soon. [He is writing from a library in Den Haag because the computers in the library in Zoetermeer were down and he is also having a district PDay, lunch and activity in Den Haag.  I’ll add pictures to the blog as he sends them.]
8. Ya it is wet here, sucks but it's okay. Ya we are staying mostly dry.

The scripture of the week is Alma 38:5, I was reading and I did the thing that you always used to do when we did family scripture reading, you replaced the name with my name. So I did that and it was nice to see how it was applicable in my life. And like it says, if we put our trust in God then things will work out and I see that so much! not only in my life but in the lives of so many others. If you don’t know what to do just trust God and things will work out!

[What is cool about him sharing this scripture is that I had a scripture in a draft email, but hadn’t sent it yet, that reminded me of him … Alma 38:3… same chapter just a couple of verses earlier.  It reads, “I say unto you, my son, that I have had great joy in thee already, because of thy faithfulness and thy diligence, and thy patience and thy long-suffering among the people of the Zoramites (Zoetermeer).”]

hou doe

Monday, 18 December 2017

Week 51: Elder Nielsen!!!

Ya, we are going to try to get on [Christmas Day] at 4:00 or 5:00 p.m., we will see. We still don’t have solid plans for that yet. I’m not sure where I will be for Christmas day or Tweede Kerst. We had a good dinner appointment with this one really really cool family in the ward, they have 7 kids who are half American so they speak English and are just cool. We were going there for the 24th to eat and games and get haircuts for free. Then we were told we aren’t allowed to do 4 man dinners, not even for Christmas… so now the other elders will go instead of us and we have no one. We have maybe someone from the English ward which will be really cool though if it works. Christmas day we have nothing… I don’t have much motivation to arrange anything. We did have a dinner but then it got stolen from us by the sisters… so we have nothing then. I will try to go to the ward mission leaders. I just wanna go there and Skype, play a few board games, then go home and watch “Meet the Mormons” or something, haha, have a chill day. Then the next day is second Christmas or Tweede Kerst and we have an appointment with a super dope family from the English ward.

So yes, I finally got to see Matt! I was at the church early to shovel snow and then all of the sudden I see down the street Matt running towards me and I ran and gave him a hug. It was just really chill and nice to have a little piece of home. We sat with each other at the conference and we did good at not talking the entire time, we paid attention. I hope Prez saw that we could contain ourselves, maybe he will put us closer, haha. We talked a lot during lunch which was weird cause we talked about all the people we both knew. So weird. Of course we took some photos which I will upload! Oh wow, that is super nice of the Bishop and his wife!!! Thanks!

A bit about my week... we had a dinner appointment with this one family. We had never really talked much to them, at church so we wanted to get to know them at the dinner. They are a super cool fam! Both parents served missions, France and Japan. Their kids are super cute. A really funny thing happened. We were all eating and 2 of their boys were calling each other names, one said stupid, the other said dumb, then one said homo and the parents were both shocked and were like, don’t say that! Then the younger daughter says “what does homo mean?" It was just such a funny moment.

We had a good appointment with F., an investigator of ours. She is really soft spoken and kind and finds it difficult to have faith. I was talking to her and explaining how faith always starts small and then all of the sudden she interupted and said that she will come to church. So we told her we would meet her at the tram stop and walk with her to the building. She said okay and we agreed on a time. Fast forward to Sunday and we went to pick her up and there was no one there. We waited and nothing... super sad, we really expected her to be there. Disappointment was kinda the theme of the week. We had a ton of appointments with people however almost every single one of them fell through.

One appointment that did go through was with our cool Turkish family we are teaching. We get there and they are having a bday party with like 10, 14 year old girls all over the place. So we had to cram into the tiny kitchen to have a lesson. The wife had made us soup, homemade soup just for us! It was so so nice of her to do that, even though she was so busy with her family and kids. They all left into another room so we could go into it. The husband doesn't speak very good Dutch or English and was really happy we had the BoM in Turkish. He really wanted more church books in Turkish. There aren’t too many but then we realized that he could download the Gospel Library and change the language and then see what's there. So we downloaded it for him and there was a lot of stuff, Liahona articles as well as conference talks and other resources. It was great for him. He loves to read, loves to read. He read so much about Mormons on the internet and knows a lot of our church history, and from what he was saying it was all accurate. I just feel good knowing that now he has the app so he can read the accurate info about us. Something else cool is they had a friend there helping with the party and she joined the lesson. The husband and wife took a moment to tell her what they knew and what we taught them to teach her. They did it in Turkish, so now she also knows about the gospel. She even tried to point out flaws and they defended us! It was so cool. She asked why we don’t drink coffee and before I could answer the wife said because it was addicting and that she thinks it is a good idea. She herself is addicted to coffee, haha. She wants to stop. It is just really cool to see them progressing. Once they come to church they will be golden. They want to come but it snowed a foot so they didn’t, understandable. I just love them so much though!

We had a baptism here. It was one of the sisters. It was really really beautiful. The convert has been investigating for a while. She has great member support. She actually planned the whole service herself with lots of musical numbers. Everybody loved it and she looked so happy the whole time. Echt een geestelijke ervaring.

We also got called by the temple Prez to come help do baptisms at the temple in case anyone came. So we go over and started talking with the temple prez. He is a really cool guy. No one came but we had to wait so we ended up talking with him for 2 hours. He told us really cool stuff about missionary work and about the gathering of Israel and, wow, he knows so much about a lot of things. It was super cool to talk with him one on one. He served his mission here, then came back on a couples mission, then served as mission prez here, then served another couples mission here, then got called as the temple prez here. So he is actually American but can speak Dutch well and pretty much seems Dutch.

I think I forgot to mention this, but on Sunday last week one of the office couples came up to me at church and told me that I have been assigned as the new “Ikea Elder” which means I get a car and I help out when apartments need new furniture or when things need to be moved or thrown out.  Elder Steele was the old one but then he died [ie. finished his mission].  So now I am it!  I really wanted to do it cause it is fun.  I’m excited.  Also, they usually have the strong elders do it, haha.  So at zone conference I had to do a driving test with Elder Van Der Put, him and his wife are the office couple in charge of apartments.  I drove with him so he could see if I am a good driver, I passed.  The assignment is mission wide, so I could be driving to Belgium.

1. How was the weather this week?  Is there still snow on the ground?
2. Do you know yet what the Dutch do for Christmas?
3. How was the work this week?
4. Did you have dinner appointments?
5. Tell me about Zone Conference?  Did you get your parcels?
6. What are your plans for Christmas Day?
7. Does the snowy wet weather make it difficult to get around?
8. Is there a Gospel topic that you have been studying lately?

1. cold windy rainy, wet, dark. the usual. no more snow left.
2. vieren... uh idk. the usual stuff like we do back home.
3. good, besides the dropped appointments. we have a cool new investigator. she really liked the plan of salvation.
4. one. but this next week we have 4 so it'll be fun!!!
5. twas good. yes I did thanks!
6. idk
7. no, it's not too bad. just annoying getting wet all the time.
8. het heilsplan! I love the plan of salvation and I think it is really relatable to people and that people have interest in it. I always try to lead it back to the BOM in contacts.

that is all, hou doe!

#LightTheWorld 2017
(link to the 25 days advent calendar at

some good looking snowelders!

Elders Fernhout and Balthar

Elders Nielsen and Fernhout

Monday, 11 December 2017

Week 50: Sneeuw en Sinterklaas!

Well Dec. 5th was Sinterklaas, which is a very popular holiday here. It is like Christmas, however not the same with all of the presents. What normally happens is you and a group of people all put names in a hat or something then you draw a name out secretly and you have to make that person a present out of cardboard or something. Then you write them a poem and get them a real present and you put those things inside of the thing you made. So for example, I had my companion Elder Ballard and he likes basketball, so I made him a shoe and then inside I put my present which was mints and an umbrella. Then I wrote a poem about the present and him and Sinterklaas. It was fun. We went over to our ward mission leader's house to celebrate with the other Zoetermeer missionaries. There were some really well done presents, it was awesome. There was a lot of Dutch treats like pepernoten en kruidnoten en other snoepjes [sweets]. It was great, Dave, WML, dressed up like Zwarte Piet who is Sints little helper.  There are a bunch of them, so for example, there is spying Piet who looks in your window to see if you are good and present Piet. We also listened to a lot of typical Sinterklaas songs, or liedjes, in het Nederlands. It was great. A lot of kids dress up for it for school, they go as Black Piet. Oh and the bad kids get shipped off to Spain, ahha. There were Zwarte Piets all over Zoetermeer that day, just walking around, some throwing pepernoten at people, good stuff.

Well we had a lot of appointments set up this week and we had a lot of them fall through sadly. We almost lost someone but Elder Ballard said I saved it. We managed to set up a return appointment and she said she will read in the book. Ya, it has been really cold here and people don’t like to open their door for very long to talk to us or stop on the Streets in the rain or snow… we did have a good appointment with a Surinamese guy who we found last week.  He has a really funny Surinamese accent, all his w’s are actually w’s instead of v’s. Anyway, we will see how our next app with him goes. That night we also had a really fun dinner appointment! which is always sick. Then after that we went to an appointment we had with a potential and we called up a member to see if he could meet us there and he did. He made the appointment so much better. He connected wth the investigator really well and now we have a new investigator! sick.

So on Friday Wouter called us and said he needed our help at the farm. So we went over and he had a problem. He has a chute in his barn where food pellets come out and a cow managed to hit it and 3000 kilograms of food poured out… we had to clean it all up, haha. Oh and there are grates where the cows poop goes down and the food fell in there. So much of it that we had to get in there and scoop it out. That was my job. I got some good pics of that. So that was a good start to the day. We got some oliebollen on our way home.

We went to young mens that night, Elder Balthar and I took the tram because it was snowing.  Elder Ballard wanted to bike and Elder Occon went with him.  Elder Ballard got lost on the bike ride there. It was bad because it was dark and snowing and he doesn’t really know his way there on the bikes. About 20 mins later he showed up and he wasn’t happy, ahha. We helped the young men and women set up the church for Christmas and for the Stake Conference on Sunday. I had a really good time. There were a lot of members there and they had music playing and it was snowing outside and we were setting up for Christmas and people were happy, it was so fun I thought. I helped tie bows for the Christmas tree. It was great. Sunday was crazy, we had Stake Conference with hundreds of members there, way too many for that building. Also, we had almost 40 missionaries, so I saw so many people, it was great. Not only that but it snowed like 6 inches during the conference, which was insane for here. First time that has happened since 2007. So that was great. Then that night we had a dinner appointment and we arranged for 2 investigators to come and it all went perfectly well. They loved it and the members did a really good job. So happy about that! Other than that, the week was full of looking people up and walking in the cold and handing out BOMs, like a lot of them. It was a good week.

1.  Did you go anywhere this week?
2.  How was the work?
3.  Has the Samsung camera come in very handy?
4.  Have you met Sister Lowry from Pincher Creek?
5.  I like your Christmas decorations :) Is that in your living room?  Where are the stockings from?
6.  You have zone conference this week on the 12th?  Do you know if they are doing anything special for it for Christmas? And you think you will get to see Matt?  (That will be so awesome…can’t wait to hear about it).
7.  Did you have many dinner appointments this week?
8.  Did the ward have the Christmas Dinner yet, if so, how was it?

1. Nowhere exciting, Den Haag for district meeting.
2. Great.
3. Ya kinda, I downloaded Zoetermeer map so I can use it.
4. I heard about her but have not met her yet.
5. Ya, haha, they were just in the apartment.
6. Ya we do, tomorrow! probably, idk, and yes I will!
7. Like 2, ya but it's dying down. We used to have a calendar they could sign up on but now that is not allowed so they can’t do that which they don't like so we get fewer appointments.
8. Not yet, soon, I think it's the 23.

That is all, hou doe,

Elder Fernhout

Sinterklaas at Ward Mission Leader's home

School kid dressed up as Zwarte Piet
Getting soaked in the rain
Christmas decorations in the apartment
Hugging a "baby cow"
Cleaning up food pellets at the farm

Unusually snowy weather

November Zone Conference