Monday, 26 June 2017

Week 25: Rijkswijk

Ieper was awesome. We are actually going back next week, I think, with one of the members from there. He knows all about it, so he is going to lead us around all day. It's a full day thing, so I might not get emails in on Monday, we will see.  Proselyting clothes and ya, the rule is to wear them on pday if you aren't doing sports but we wore them because originally we went to Gent to do sports then ended up going to Ieper last minute.

Sounds like things are good at home. Sometimes I feel like I am missing out on stuff at home but I really do feel I am doing the most productive thing I could be doing right now, being out on a mission!

Word of the week is LEKKER, it means DELICIOUS but people use it al the time, for example slaap lekker means sleep deliciously, directly translated and I think that's awesome.

1.  How was Rijkswijk?  Visits to any other cities to see investigators?
2.  Did Elder Furniss get his bike repaired?  How is your bike?
3.  Are you still writing in your journal every night?  I think that is a great goal!
4.  How was church today?  What are the demographics of the members in Gent?
5.  How is the teaching going?
6.  Any funny experiences?  Missions seem to be good for those, haha!

1. Awesome! The best part was we did it on transfer day and we were going through the main station where there was a ton of other missionaries. Also because Gent was being white washed, all 4 missionaries were leaving, so we slept the night in Gent at the other elders. We know them all pretty good and one of them was Elder Tanner, who is one of my best friends in the mission! In the morning we got ready to go and we helped Gent with all of their bags and bikes. We traveled to Antwerpen which is where there were a ton of missionaries. EF and I hopped on a train north with a pack of missionaries being transferred to Nederlands. We rode up with a bunch of the dying missionaries, Elder Kauer included, who I've gotten to know pretty well. It was fun, they were all confused on their feelings, if they were excited or nervous or sad or happy.  Anyway, we got off in Den Haag then traveled to Rijswijk. We were supposed to go up with another 2 sets of missionaries but their greenies forgot their passports haha, so they had to travel all the way back from Antwerpen. Shout out to Elder Furniss for remembering his! So we found the office in Rijswijk and they said their system was down and it might not be running until tomorrow! I told her we came all the way from Brugge! So while we waited we went to a nearby mall and got some food and I looked at cameras in an electronics store. I was thinking we might have to sleep over in the Netherlands and one of the closest areas is Delft... that's where Matt is serving and was pumped that we might have to stay there, but we went to the office and the computers were all good to go. So we did that then traveled all the way home.

2. Kinda, yes, then it has other issues so he is actually getting a new one today from another pair of missionaries. Mine works fine! I love my bike.

3. Haven't missed a day.

4. Good, really hot inside! Ya, there is a decent amount of youth, a lot of old people.

5. We found a new investigators this week! He was a referral and lives 2.5 hours away, but we had a really great lesson with him and shared a BoM and he said the prayer at the end. He said he'll come to church! O is also progressing but he is so busy, so we have a hard time making appointments, but we have one later today with him!

6. Uh not much, well, we had a stack of over 100 extra pass along cards from Christmas. There were a loooooooot of cards. Earlier today there was a massive bee in our apartment, so I decided to kill it with the cards by throwing them and I included a photo of the result.

Yes, that is the mitraillette I was talking about, sooooo good! Gotta get it with Samurai sauce.

love elder fernhout

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