Monday, 3 July 2017

Week 27: Exchanges in Antwerpen and Zone Conference

Oh, wow. Leo, thanks for letting me know [Leo Davidson, an elderly man in the ward, who Nick home taught, passed away]. Ya, there is definitely a difference between Dutch speaking elders and Flemmish ones.

Yes, all those purchases are correct. Also, I bought shoes I love which I'll show you. They were only 60 Euro but I bought EFs shoes too becasue then they were half off. Then he paid me back for them. They are so cool though, I'll take a pic for you.

We had a great lesson with O this week. He began by how the JWs knocked on his door and after he told them he was meeting with us they began to tear us apart and told him that we are trying to trick him and that we work for the devil and are trying to bring him into fire. But thankfully we are good friends with O and he believes that we are not trying to do that. After he told us all that I just said, “they can talk a lot of crap about us but we aren’t going to do it to them” and then O was like "and that's the difference.” He said he gets a good confident and comfortable feeling with us and not them. We then had a good lesson with him and then at the end I asked who is gonna pray and he said I get to choose. I have asked him before but he never has so I asked Elder Furniss, then O said, “why not me?” with a smile on his face. I was so pumped! He said a really good prayer! So sweet and heartfelt! His greatest desire in life is to get his mother out of Iran and take care of her, then marry and have a family and move to paradise, paradise is Canada, haha. He looooooooves Canada. So much. He also calls us "adult" instead of elder cause that’s how he thinks it is pronounced, haha. We tried to fix it but it didn’t work so now we just accept it and we like it. As we were biking away he said, “be safe adult, I only have 2 adult, one who teaches me Facebook (EF) and one who breaks me into Canada (me).” He’s so funny, ha.

1. You went to Antwerp? Did you go on exchanges?
2. How was zone conference?  What did you learn? Is the mission focussing on any particular principle of missionary work right now?
3. Did you get the parcels?  There should be three (at least): one from Gma with Easter chocolate, one from me, and one from Amazon Germany.
4. Are you wearing your contact lenses mostly now?  Does the humidity make wearing them more comfortable?
5. What is the weather like now that it is summer?
6. Are you keeping your apartment clean?
7. Any funny experiences this week?
8. Can you understand everything people say?
9. What do you think your biggest strength is being a missionary?

1. Yes!! it was great, I was with Elder Geeraert from Taber. We found a new investigator and taught 3 lessons which is really great! Although the bike I used there was awful and the chain fell off all the time.
2. Awesome. Learned not to be a fill time missionary but a full time missionary. Ya, they are focusing on finding right now.
3. Yup, I got them all now! and the one from Amazon is the wrong thing but I also needed those, so no need to worry. I wanted razor guards mum. [well that’s what I thought I ordered, maybe I shouldn’t order in German…]
4. Ya, all the time. Ya, they feel fine.
5. All over the place. Rainy weeks and cloudy weeks and sunny weeks. All over.
6. Ya, when I cook EF usually cleans and organizes, so it’s nice. I do cleaning too though.
7. Ya, lots of random things that I can’t explain. uuuuhhh idk.
8. Yup
9. Idk, making friends with the investigators and less actives and active members.

That is all,

loves elder fernhout

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