Monday, 24 July 2017

Week 30: Knokke and Transfer Calls!

I was so nervous before transfer calls this time! More so than usual.  It's like a new mission call every transfer.  Anyway, we waited and everyone else in the district got their calls but not us. Then the APs [Assistants to the President] called which is not normal because usually the ZLs [Zone Leaders] call. So I was pretty sure EF was going to train. They gave him his call first and his next companion is a missionary who is serving in Gent right now, Elder Van Der Werff.  So he is coming over to Brugge to be comps with EF and then it was my turn.  Elder Mackay, one of the APs told me that a lot of prayer went into this decision and right then I knew it was not going to be in a normal missionary place. He told me that I am being transferred to Emmen. Which is really far north and on the German border! I also don't know who my next companion is because I will be training again. So I will be white washing it, which means the 2 missionaries who were there both leave and 2 new ones come in.  So that's exciting.

Yes Gma Purdy!!! 101 that's so cool. Maddie and Jackie are so fun, that's awesome. I went on exchanges again this week to Brussels. I was there with Elder Torrie from Utah. We played a game of Monopoly to the end and it reminded me of playing Monopoly with my cousins. It was fun.

1.  What is happening with transfers?
2.  Did you have a zone conference?
3.  How was your week?
4.  Who does your apartment inspections?  I’m glad to hear you are keeping the apartment tidy.
5.  It looks like your pants are getting loose, are you losing a lot of weight?

1. Answered

2. No, already had it this transfer.

3. Good, slow week again, but we had fun. Almost put another investigator on baptismal date but he dropped the appointment at the last second. But we looked up some referrals and less actives in Knokke which is the top of the Belgian coast and it's a really nice, rich area so we checked it out a bit.

4. The senior couple in the area.

5. Actually ya, haha. My dark grey ones are huge on me but we don't have a scale so I can't tell if I am or not.

I can't think of a good word for the week, sorry.

Elder Fernhout

Mural in Oostende

Concert in Brugge Centrum

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