Monday, 10 July 2017

Week 28: Canada Day / Fourth of July

Week was good, went by really fast! We got word that Elder Sabin, the General Authority who spoke at General Conference, is coming to speak to us soon! Also, what's cool is he served here in this mission when he was a missionary. What's even cooler is he served in Brugge and even better he baptized the first member here in Brugge and his name is Br. Plovier and Br. Plovier is awesome. He is a 75 year old guy who does so much for us and he loves ping pong. So that's something cool to look forward to. I also really really enjoyed his talk and the stories he shared!

The week went by really fast because it was busy. Started with zone pday which was in Brussels and there we had a sports pday where we all played volleyball and had a BBQ. The Americans will tell you it was for the 4th of July but the Canadians will tell you it was for the 1st, haha. It was all pretty fun. We also had interviews with the mission president and his wife this week; I always enjoy interviews, and our prez is so good. He asked me some general questions then turned the time over to me to ask anything. I wanted to know where I was being transferred this next one because I have a really good chance of leaving Brugge. He laughed and told me a story about how his daughter stayed in the same area for 18 months... so that wasn't very reassuring! I love Brugge but it's been a long time now, so I hope I get transferred. I'll know on the 22nd. I feel like I have plateaued here in Brugge, but when I leave I'll probably miss it a lot here.

I also had a 2 day exchange in Brussels this week. I left Brugge Tuesday morning and didn't get back until Thursday night. I was with one of our district leaders named Elder Steele. He is from Utah, Southern Utah somewhere, I forget. He is 6 foot 7 and a really funny guy, everyone likes him. So it was a fun exchange. We had a few appointments and for dinner got a mitraillette. So good. In typical exchange fashion we stayed up late talking, haha.

When I got back we had an appointment with O which went really well! He first told us he needed help with something and he was being very omnious and wouldn't tell us any details so it sounded sketchy. We finally got it out of him that he wanted us to help him wash a car he has so he can take pics and sell it. Then after he said we can "study" which is what he calls it when we have lessons. So we followed him on the bikes and we went from his house in the centrum, past our house which is kinda on the outskirts, then into the country side and there was nothing but farms and sheep around us. We were like where are we going but we just followed him until we stopped at this little old house in the middle of nowhere. There was a car there but no water. Anyway, long story shortish, we couldn't find any stuff to wash it, but it was his friends house and he can get stuff from inside. He didn't think his friend would like it if we also went inside so we left and told him to call us when he is done. We found out later that his friend didn't care if we went over to his house and that he actually has a golden Lamborghini and a red Ferrari outside his house!!! I wish we went over there so bad now! We are gonna try to go back, haha.

We had a good lesson with O after that though. We talked about the Plan of Salvation which was a bit hard for him to understand. I mean he has no Christian background so everything is new. So we have to take things really slow with him. We ended the lesson by talking about showing our faith and doing things and then I asked him to be baptized and he said if he feels ready he will be! So we set a date and he said he'd come to church, which he did yesterday! It's all going great.

That's great that Jake did that [Moroni's Quest]. I wish I could go now, I would appreciate it more now, haha. Going on a mission just opens your spiritual eyes that can't be opened any other way really.  I have already learned so much!

1. Tell me about the work.  Do you have investigators?
2. Did you have many dinner appointments this week?  Are you learning to cook more foods?
3. I miss you including a word of the week.  I also like when you include a recent scripture you have read that you find inspiring.
4. When are transfers?  I ’m thinking there is an excellent chance you will be transferred this month.
5.  Did you take photos this week? What folder are they in?
5. Is there anything you’d like me to include in my prayers for you?

1. We had a few investigators drop us recently and are running low so we have lots of time to find new ones now! but the few we have are doing great. O is really progressing.

2. Not really, just the one. We have one today that will be great! I have a few meals under my belt.

3. Sorry I forget. Okay, the word is Onafhankelijkheidsdag which is Independance Day!

4. The 22nd, on a Saturday, at about 8 pm.

5. I did but I can't upload photos rn so I'll do it later.

6. Not really, I'm doing great!

I think that's all, love you bye,

Elder Fernhout

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